Issue: The NHS in recent months has not only come under huge scrutiny but has also had massive changes proposed which are threatening to the institution as well as the population. The brief was to get the word out about saving the NHS as junior doctors had little time to do so themselves.

Solution: Having quite a few friends who are medics, I realised that being tired and overworked was always a complaint. Being overworked and tired for ordinary professionals is not productive, however for a junior doctor, it can be life-threatening for the patient they are serving. Being over-worked leads to a loss of concentration and hand tremors, usually associated with old patients. I wanted to show how this hand would be used in the most poignant aspects of our lives. A film which shows just how important a steady hand is when dealing with some of the most important moments of human life. The viewer would only see a hand shaking trying to do various functions ordinary doctors do everyday. My film idea was described by the creator of the brief setter as ‘hard-hitting.’