Issue: Loneliness is something which affects many of us. We can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely. But many of us might not have people to hang out with. Loneliness is bad for our health. We don’t necessarily have to be lonely when we are alone. However, many people do feel lonely. We have Tinder and Grindr but not many popular and well known solutions for people who want to hangout and feel connected. Find a way to connect all these lonely people. People who stare at screens all day might be doing so to fill a void in their lives

Solution: An app which uses geo location and listed interests to connect you with other people close by who also want to hang out just as friends.

What Exists: Having researched, there are a fair number of apps on the market for this service but this app could differentiate it by connecting these users with local pubs and restaurants based on interests and providing a discount etc.