Issue: Umbrellas are pretty much non functional when its raining in a direction other than in a linear direction. When you combine strong winds with heavy rain, umbrellas do little to protect the person from getting wet. This issue is especially for people who live in cities where it rains very regularly e.g. Manchester. Umbrellas, even if they do cause people not to get wet can be hard to use in crowded places like the worker who pops into town to get lunch. Making sure your umbrella does not clash with other umbrellas is a concern. As well as this, you only have one hand spare which is not ideal for the many who might be carrying a bag but also wanting to browse on their phone.

Solution: A futuristic type of umbrella, controlled by your smartphone. Using magnets or charge from the body of some kind, it hovers over your head and throws a plastic suit over your whole body so you are handsfree and totally protected from the outside elements. This is collapsible like an umbrella, lightweight and easy to carry around.

Branding: Hoverin to Hoverain