Issue: Every year, millions of Muslims visit Mecca, the holy Islamic site and circle the Ka’bah. The ritual is to circle it 7 times with a ‘green light’ being a reference starting point for each round. During the circulation, most pilgrims will be busy reciting religious texts or contemplating and reflecting. Traditionally, many would use paper books to recite and pray. Nowadays, with the majority of pilgrims owning a smartphone, many use this device during the Tawaf to pray. With the hustle and bustle, using a rosemary bead to count how many rounds you have done seems a bit dated.

Solution: A built in app which recognises how many rounds you have done and alerts you when you have reached the end of your Tawaf so that you do not perform one less round or one more. This might be currently difficult to do as GPS is not yet specific to the meter or less but not impossible in the near future.

Cost: This app could be monetised as millions of pilgrims would be willing to buy this.